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Naturalist’s Club is an organisation which conducts different activities in the field of nature conservation and environmental education. It was established in 1983, officially has existed since 1989. In 2001 during the 20th General Meeting the Club’s old name Lebus Naturalist’s Club (Lubuski Klub Przyrodników) was changed to its current name. It was one of the consequences of expanding area of the Club’s activities in the whole country.

The Club is active in Poland, especially in its western part. The general headquarter is situated in Świebodzin (Lubuskie Voivodeship). The main fields of action are nature conservation and environmental education. Nature Conservation Study deals with inventories, nature conservation, environmental projects, documentation, and drawing up plans of protected areas such as nature reserves, landscape parks etc. as well as preparation of scientific expertise and opinions.

To the Club’s activities belong purchase of grounds with high natural values and establishing of “private” nature reserves. At presents the Club is an owner of five such areas (xerothermic grasslands by Owczary, meadows in Koźminek, meadows at Obra River, meadows in Rybocice and Ilanki Valley), which cover the area of 100 ha. The most known “private” nature reserve is xerothermic grasslands in Owczary at the Odra River. A very important issue is joint work with local administration. Each year many conferences, workshops and courses in nature conservation as well as scientific meetings are organized. In the frame of environmental education there are two nature exhibitions available: one in the Museum of Nature in Kostrzyn (at the Odra River), the other in the Meadow Museum in Owczary (by Górzyca). Each year around 10 000 visitors come there. In Owczary there is also Club’s Field Station.

In the frame of environmental education excursions, camps and competitions for children and youth are organized.
The Club also publishes many different informational materials: books, newsletters, leaflets, which are both for professionals and amateurs. Every three months, each member of the Club receives a bulletin, "The Stork".
Every year more than ten publications are prepared by the The Publishing Company of Klub Przyrodników. Club’s activities are based mostly on involvement of the Club’s members, scientists as well as on the work of volunteers. It is also important for us that societies and institutions work together.

Our mission
Protection of nature and its diversity, especially rare and endangered species, and natural habitats, supporting nature - friendly land use,  and sustainable development. Promotion of nature issues among different societies, sharing knowledge and experiences concerning nature protection with everyone, who is interested in it, inspiring and supporting activities connected with nature exploring and nature conservation.

Funding of the Club consists of member fees, subventions from institutions and foundations, private persons’ donations and economic performance. The table below presents Club’s income in the years 2002-2004.

Year Sell of servicesSell of articlesSpecial grantsMembership fees, subventions and other type of incomeTotal
2005453.545,54  156.942,881.032.028,68  39.268.40 1.681.767,50

In the column „sell of services” represents income from sale of expertise, documentations, opinions that are elaborated by Nature Conservation Study (Pracownia Ochrony Przyrody Klubu), accommodations in Field Station, organisations of conferences, workshops etc. To the column „sell of articles” belongs mainly sell of publishing. Column “special grants” contains mostly grants from EkoFundusz Fund, Small Grants Program of Global Environment Facility (GEF/UNDP) and Phare Program (in 2004). “Membership fees, subventions and other type of income” includes mainly membership fees of ordinary and supporting members.

The work of Naturalist’s Club is managed by the Board, in which are seven people.

In the current Board there are:
Arkadiusz Gawroński - sekretary
Andrzej Jermaczek - director
Marek Maciantowicz
Paweł Pawlaczyk
Robert Stańko - paymaster
Zofia Książkiewicz
Lesław Wołejko

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Kurek P., Piechnik Ł. - Borsuk europejski
Kurek P., Piechnik Ł. - Borsuk europejski

Przegląd Przyrodniczy (2017) tom XXVIII, zeszyt 2
Przegląd Przyrodniczy (2017) tom XXVIII, zeszyt 2

Haeupler H., Muer Th. - Bildatlas des Farn- und Blütenpflanzen
Haeupler H., Muer Th. - Bildatlas des Farn- und Blütenpflanzen

Ptaki. Przewodnik Collinsa
Ptaki. Przewodnik Collinsa

Matuszkiewicz W. - Przewodnik do oznaczania zbiorowisk roś.
Matuszkiewicz W. - Przewodnik do oznaczania zbiorowisk roś.

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