Think globally, act locally
In a small village called Owczary located near the German border ( in the Lubuskie Voivodeship) Nature Club created special information and education centre, where is also Museum of the Meadow situated. Nearby on the edge of the Odra valley there is a xerothermic grassland nature reserve, which also belongs to Nature Club.

How can you find us?
Owczary is situated on the way from Słubice to Kostrzyn. You can reach the station by train (Górzyca station) or by bus.

What do we do?
Field station was established to protect xerothermic grasslands in this village. In the frame of Station’s activity educational path was prepared. There is also Meadows Museum there.

To protect old fruit trees varieties, special nursery and collection of weeds was made. Field station offers also many educational activities for everyone. Each year in Spring, Summer and Autumn seasonal "meetings" with meadow and orchard are organized with the view to promoting nature value, local plants varieties and nature - friendly, extensive farming.

Who is invited?
To Owczary you can come every time: only for a few hours or for a few weeks. As an NGO we make use of volunteers work.

Ewa Drewniak - chief
Albert Wiaderny - albert.wiaderny[at]onet.eu
Krzysztof Kosiorowski – technical worker

Stacja Terenowa w Owczarach, 
Owczary 17, 69-113 Górzyca
tel. 095 7591220,
e-mail: owczary[at]kp.org.pl