The Naturalists' Club Field Station in Owczary is an excellent starting point for numerous worthwhile excursions in the Warta Mouth region. Below are the most important ones:


National Park "Ujście Warty" - one of the most important bird sanctuaries in Poland, we come across many unique species in every season, and in spring and autumn we will see huge numbers of birds flying from Poland, with goose bumps headed for the area. The park is home to the largest concentration in Europe (up to 200,000 individuals).

Landscape Park "Ujście Warty" - protecting the valuable elements of the landscape of the region, connected with the valleys of the Odra and Warta, abounding in numerous rare natural habitats and species.

Steppe memorial "Pamięcin" - protecting very rare in this climatic zone a group of xerothermic grasslands,

Reserve "Postoma Valley" - lying near Lemierzyc, protecting well-preserved deciduous forest with many rare species of plants and animals.

Reserve "Łęgi Slubickie" - the natural floodplain forest stretching along the Oder River to the north and south of Słubice.


Kostrzyn fortress - erected in the 16th century, with many well-preserved elements, and the ruins of the castle and the church.

Forts in Żabice, Czarnowie, Sarbinów and Gorgast (Germany) - formed around the Kostrzyn Stronghold, the largest of which is located in Sarbinowo.

The palace - farm and park complex in Dąbroszyn - with a palace from the 16th century, and surrounding a charming old park, with many monumental trees.

Castle of the Order of the Joannites in Słońsk - only ruins dating back to 1341 are still preserved.

Church Our Lady of Czestochowa in Słońsk - a brick building from the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries, with historical equipment.

Church in Górzyca - built in the 13th century from field stone, now plastered.

Church St. Joseph's Cathedral in Dąbroszyn - built in the 16th century, inside it contains a mausoleum and sarcophagus, and antique equipment.


Museum of Kostrzyn Fortress
Museum of Concentration Camp Słońsk (Sonnenburg)
Museum Pomp in the seat of the PN "Ujście Warty" in Chyrzyń


Kayak rental at the Biological Tourism Office "Dudek" in Słońsk
Rancho in Drzecin with horse stud, lake and beach.


Woodstock stop - Kostrzyn - July - August
Kostrzyn Days - Kostrzyn - June
Days of Fortress - Kostrzyn - June
International open air painting - Kostrzyn - September
Spring meeting with the Meadow - Owczary - April
Summer meeting with Meadow - Owczary - July
Autumn meeting with the Orchard - Owczary - September
Rally of the Birds Commonwealth - Słońsk - April - September

There are several bicycle routes in the vicinity of Owczary, of which the most popular is the flood embankment from Slubice to Kostrzyn.

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